About Us

We are a Portuguese company that was born in 2021, driven by the passion to bring something extraordinary to consumers. Since its inception, Seedge has grown organically and gradually, establishing itself as a trusted and applaudable name in the industry.

We want to demystify all the stigmas surrounding the Cannabis Sativa-L plant, paving the way for acceptance and widespread knowledge. The company believes in the transformative power of cannabis and is committed to bringing exceptional quality information and products to the community.

Our accessible and inclusive educational approach is dedicated to providing the community with accurate and encouraging information about the plant. We understand that the key to combating stigma and prejudice lies in disseminating clear knowledge and promoting open communication. Through these efforts, we seek to empower visitors to make better decisions about their cannabis use. Because each individual is unique!

Quality is the essence. Each product is carefully developed, cultivated and produced to ensure excellence at every step of the process. From selection to harvesting, care and state-of-the-art processing methods, Seedge strives to provide its customers with perfection in product form. Committed to consumer safety and well-being, we follow all local and European laws and regulations to ensure the compliance and quality of our products.

We aim to be a vehicle for the transformation movement in search of the emancipation of Cannabis. Its presence in the industry contributes to the narrative around the plant, opening doors to a future in which people can enjoy the therapeutic, medicinal, social and economic benefits with confidence, knowledge and freedom.

Our mission is to bring knowledge to life. Promote and support creative minds. To be another arm that will lead to the emancipation of Cannabis.

Seedge - Be unique. Be yourself!