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In addition to the traditional process of beating or rubbing flowers to produce Nepalese hash, there is another technique known as "finger hash" or "finger rubbing". This technique which is used to obtain our Nepalease Ball Temple. This technique involves manually harvesting the resin glands directly from the cannabis flowers.

  1. Harvesting the Cannabis Flowers: The mature flowers of the cannabis plant are collected by hand.

  2. Handling the flowers: With clean hands, the flowers are gently manipulated and rubbed between the fingers. The heat and pressure applied during the process loosens the resin glands, which adhere to the fingers and hands.

  3. Collection of resin glands: As the flowers are handled, resin glands accumulate in the fingers, hands and gloves used during the process. These resin glands are collected manually and form small balls or "acorns" of hashish.

  4. Pressing (optional): If desired, the collected hashish pellets can be pressed to form compact bricks. The applied pressure helps compress the resin into a solid mass.

  5. Aging (optional): The Nepalese hash is subjected to an aging period, where it is stored for a while to allow the compounds in the resin to develop and enhance its characteristics.

This way we get a Hash rich in cannabidiol and natural terpenes.

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