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Bubble Hash, also known as Ice Hash, is a type of hashish that is produced using ice water and stirring techniques to separate the resin glands from the cannabis plant. This cold extraction method is known to produce a hashish of high quality and purity. Here is an overview of the Bubble Hash production process:

  1. Preparation of materials: Dried and cured cannabis flowers are generally used to produce Bubble Hash. These flowers are ground or broken into small pieces to make it easier to extract the trichomes.

  2. Stirring in ice water: A large, deep container is filled with ice water and ice. Cannabis flowers are added to the container and shaken vigorously. Ice water helps to freeze and harden the trichomes.

  3. Trichomes separation: During shaking, the trichomes separate from the flowers and release into the ice water. The water becomes cloudy as the trichomes mix with it.

  4. Filtration: After stirring, the contents of the container are poured into a set of fine-mesh sieves, which are stacked in ascending order of mesh size. The sieves are placed on top of a container, allowing the water to pass through the meshes, while the trichomes are retained.

  5. Trichomes collection: Trichomes retained in sieves are carefully removed and collected. They are then dried and pressed to form the Bubble Hash.

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